4 Zero Waste Stores in Boston

Shelf with shampoo bars and soaps at Uvida

Boston unfortunately doesn’t have a ton of zero waste or bulk stores—yet. Luckily, this has been changing over the years, and you may even find a shop near you, as most stores are outside of the city center in more residential areas.

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The 4 Zero Waste Stores in Boston

1. Neighborhood Produce (Somerville)

Produce and bulk items at Neighborhod Produce in Ball Square

Neighborhood Produce is maybe the only local, low-waste store with fresh produce in the Boston area. There are two locations: one in Winter Hill and the other in Ball Square.

Not everything is zero waste, but you can choose from a selection of package-free produce and bulk dry goods. Unlike other low-waste stores, around 60% of their stock is fresh produce, and they source as much of it as possible from local farms.

They’ve also partnered with low-waste store Cleenland to offer some refillable household and personal care items.

2. Cleenland (Cambridge)

Cleenland household products and personal care items at Neighborhood produce

Just a couple blocks from Central Square, Cleenland offers a variety of zero waste personal care and household items. Whether you need shampoo, laundry detergent, or produce bags, Cleenland has it.

While they don’t have produce at Cleenland, the Daily Table, a nonprofit grocer, is just a few blocks away. It’s not a zero waste store, but their mission is to provide fresh, nutritious, and affordable food to low-income folks. The more customers have (regardless of income), the more people they can help. Sustainability isn’t only about waste but also social responsibility, after all!

3. Uvida (North End)

Uvida is the only zero waste store in the city center, and it offers personal care items, pet care items, household items, and plants.

While they don’t have produce, the store isn’t too far from Haymarket, where you can buy some inexpensive fruits and vegetables on Fridays and Saturdays—and you can bring your own bags to reduce waste.

4. Boston General Store (Brookline)

Located in Coolidge Corner, the Boston General Store has low-waste home goods and unique gift items. It’s a fun store to browse, even if you don’t buy anything. You’ll also be near the Coolidge Corner Theatre and Brookline Booksmith for more potential activities.

Since Boston General Store doesn’t have groceries, consider visiting the Brookline Farmer’s Market on Thursdays from 1:30-6:30 in the Centre Street West lot. There, you’ll find local produce, and you can bring your own bag.

Map of Boston’s Zero Waste Stores

There are zero waste stores on both sides of the Charles River, so hopefully there’s one near you!


Online Zero Waste Stores

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If you can’t make it out to these shops, some of them do let you order online. If you can’t find what you need though, EarthHero is a great marketplace for low-waste goods and sustainable alternatives, ranking from travel gear to household items.

For low-waste cosmetics, check out Zerra & Co, which has vegan products handmade in Baltimore.


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